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Take out a loan if you don't have enough!
publication date: 19.01.2023

Advancebet bonus 1xBet 2023

Experienced bettors have probably encountered a situation where there is not enough money in the account, there are a number of outstanding bets, and the line already has new events that could be used to make money. In this case, 1xBet offers its customers a way out, namely advancebets.

In fact, this is a loan that the client takes from the bookmaker under the guarantee of a refund from future profits. If there is no profit, the advance bets will be canceled. 1xBet will not lend more than the amount that can be received by the client in case of winning bets placed earlier for cash.

You can place bets with advance funds at 1xBet only on events that will be played and settled within the next 48 hours. The funds received by the client of the bookmaker as advance funds cannot be used in bonus offers or to wager their conditions.

You can check the amount of the advance bet that the bookmaker is ready to offer directly in the coupon with the unsettled bets. There you can also accept or refuse the advance. This loan from 1xBet is provided without any interest.

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