Bonus For a Series of Losing Bets

Cash Back
days: 30
Get up to $500 back for a series of unsuccessful bets!
publication date: 19.01.2023

Bonus For a Series of Losing Bets 1xBet 2023

If a 1xBet customer has a series of more than 20 unsuccessful bets within a month, he or she can count on a certain cashback, depending on the size of his or her bet. Additional conditions relate to the maximum odds and the term of the bet.

It is worth noting that 20 bets must be placed in a row, i.e., they must constitute a series. In addition, it is forbidden to bet on events with odds over 3.00. When it comes to multi-bets, a prerequisite for participation in this offer is that all events in the express must be losing.

Bets with a period of no more than 30 days between the first and the last outcome are taken into account. This period does not necessarily refer to one calendar month, but rather to a period of time.

Finally, we come to the cashback amount. If the minimum amount of bets during a series of unsuccessful bets was $2 or more, or the equivalent in the currency of the 1xBet account, you can count on a bonus of $100. If bets were placed for the amount of $5 or more, the cashback will be $250 if all additional conditions are met. Finally, if a Nigerian punter has made at least 20 bets of $10 or more within 30 calendar days, the cashback will be $500.

Accounts that have been previously funded with cryptocurrencies are not eligible for the “Bonus For a Series of Losing Bets” offer from 1xBet.

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