Africa Cup of Nations 2021 Group D: Egypt, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, and Sudan

14.01.2022 • 17:21
Africa Cup of Nations 2021 Group D: Egypt, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, and Sudan


  • 1st-2nd place in the group: 1.22
  • Group winner: 1.85
  • Tournament Winner: 7.5

The Egyptians are ranked among the top three championship prospects by bookies, but the Queiroz team is too uneven and reliant on a single player. Yes, Salah is now ripping up the Premier League, but if Mohammed had a conditional injury or covid, the Egyptians would drop from favourites to middling peasants. In Salah’s absence, Egypt has failed to score a single goal in the past two encounters.


  • 1st-2nd place in the group: 1.3
  • Group winner: 2.3
  • Tournament winner: 10.0

Even with Osimhen out, Nigeria has a very good team – 24 of the 28 players in the application play in Europe. There are no Salah-level players in each line, but there are Premier League and La Liga representation.

In last year’s World Cup qualification, Nigeria won four games (each time scoring at least twice) and surrendered more than one goal only once in two years.


  • 1st-2nd place in the group: 3.3
  • Group winner: 13.0
  • Tournament winner: 75.0

Guinea-national Bissau’s squad has reached the final stage for the third time in a row, although it has yet to win its first event. The national team lacks a goal-scoring striker and, in general, has major offensive issues – the team of Basiro Kande has failed to score in four consecutive matches.

Guinea-Bissau seldom generates stunning results: in 2021, they were defeated by Morocco without a chance (0:8 in two matches), but they did not lose to opponents of a lower calibre. Sudan should be dealt with, but Nigerians and Egyptians are out of luck.


  • 1st-2nd place in the group: 4.8
  • Group winner: 20.0
  • Tournament winner: 150.0

The squad’s entire transfer cost is less than 3 million euros, there is only one legionnaire in the application (from Nyiregygazy, the middle peasant of the Hungarian championship’s second division), a head coach was replaced a month ago – it’s all about Sudan. Over the last three years, we’ve managed to lose to each of the group’s competitors.

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