Barcelona vs Real Madrid forecast for 12/01/2022

10.01.2022 • 10:25
Barcelona vs Real Madrid forecast for 12/01/2022

In this clash, Barcelona should be more motivated. For them, the first step is to demonstrate that they are still competitive, even against elite opponents. Second, you need a cause to be happy, and a trophy won’t hurt. The grand has already left the Champions League. In the example, “Barcelona” had just 32 points after 20 matches, falling out of the top four and behind “Real” by 17 points, despite having a match in hand. Barcelona has only won two of their past seven matches, excluding the cup. Even with the multitude of personnel issues, there are very few.

Real Madrid are not perfect and occasionally make mistakes. In December, they only achieved a 0-0 tie with Cadiz, despite having several chances to score. And January began with a 0-1 loss to Getafe. However, these are the outliers, and the “royal club’s” dominance is fairly strong in general. And the last week verified this once more. It is obvious that allowing it with Alcoyano a second time is simply impractical.
Valencia was then trounced 4-1, with to doubles from Vinicius and Benzema.

Real Madrid now dominates El Clásico. He has not lost in the previous five matches and has won the last four.



odds 2.11

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