Shop Bet9ja – What Is It, How to Open and Register?

10.01.2022 • AUTHOR: Beton NG
Shop Bet9ja - What Is It, How to Open and Register?

Bet9ja is one of the top runners when it comes to bookmaking in Nigeria, with millions of users and a number of sports and casino games to choose from. With that amount of client base, your thought to become a betting shop Bet9ja owner is definitely viable. The following lines will shape your plans to reality.

What is Bet9ja shop?

Bet9ja shop is a physical place where people can place bets in real-time. Yes! the shop also covers everything on the betting sites.

Just like the online gambling platform, Bet9ja shop betting is an alternative for people who don’t have a working smartphone, for those who cannot successfully navigate the online sites, or for those who don’t have internet. The shop covers every betting option provided to online users with the advantage of claiming wins instantly.

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How to become a Bet9ja agent?

Complete the online registration form, which can be found on and fill in the necessary details required, upload a good picture of the shop space and submit the form. Your shop will be inspected by a representative from Betnaija, then you get set up.

How to open a shop?

It is crucial that you have a constructed enclosed space which you own or lease, you will also need some equipment which you will use to carry out daily dealings among them are computer, thermal printer, fixture boards, etc.

Cost and Requirement for opening a Betnaija shop in Nigeria 2022

The average cost required to set up a Betnaija shop ranges between N80,000 to N150,000 depending on the type of space you want and the equipment you prefer and don’t forget about the sign-up fee. You will also have to sign a contract after finalizing the inspection process.

Is Bet 9ja shop business profitable?

You earn on any and every bet placed in your shop, with zero to no risk. This simply means you are cashing out on the number of tickets you print for clients and you stand to make up to 20% commission of the weekly gross profit. Now you tell me does this sound profitable!

How to register Bet 9ja shop?

This is a complete guide for those who want to become an agent of Bet9ja. The registration process has been simplified and made more appealing, but still, many people have questions about how it works, which is why we are here to answer all your questions. Registering as a Bet9ja agent means sharing your sports betting expertise and using your skills to help people win big prizes on sports betting while earning some cash out of it. Follow the guide below to register shop Bet9ja:

Documentation submission

Use your computer or mobile phone to access the Bet9ja agent registration page and fill out the new agent registration form. The following information is required:

  • Your biographical information (name, age, sex, local government and state of origin)
  • Your store’s address
  • A description of the sort of company you own, such as a watching center or a Bet9ja retail center.

Finally, you will be required to provide crucial papers proving your identity and residency.

Examine the documents and the location

This normally takes 24 hours, but it might take longer depending on the date of submission. It is recommended to submit your work during the week. In this phase, Bet9ja will verify and confirm the validity or legitimacy of the papers presented, as well as whether or not they agree with the bio-data you provided on the registration form. If your papers are validated, you will proceed to the next level.

Introductory chat with Bet9ja field personnel

Bet 9ja will send one of their field representatives to meet with you for an initial talk. This is normally done to ensure that you are competent in operating or representing them as an agent. Don’t become agitated because the conservation is typically light and casual. It also aids to assess your ability to relate to others. They are evaluating your interpersonal contact abilities as well as your ability to manage a Bet naija shop.

Premises verification

If the field agent is satisfied, Bet 9ja will proceed to verify your shop’s location. The goal is to see if you have the necessary resources to start a Bet9ja store. The location and size of the store are also considered.

The signing of the agency agreement

This is the last step towards becoming a Bet9ja agent. An agent contract will be offered to you here. Examine it thoroughly, since any infringement of contractual conditions will hold you responsible. Go ahead and sign the contract if you agree with the conditions.

Bet9ja Mobile Shop

Bet9ja’s former mobile app was designed to be its exclusive sportsbook app. However, as new versions of Android were launched, Bet9ja upgraded its shop Bet9ja old mobile software to a newer version. The old mobile Bet9ja shop is still available and accessible to users of older Android smartphones.

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How to open shop Bet9ja account on mobile?

  • Navigate to
  • At the top of the page, click the Register button.
  • Fill in the essential information and select a unique username and password.
  • Select the ‘Create my account’ option.
  • Your account will be established, and you will be able to bet and deposit.

How do I shop on Bet9ja?

To bet on the web Bet9ja shop or Bet9ja mobile shop follow the steps below:

  • Select your sport from the left-hand menu.
  • Select your tournament(s) and then click View.
  • Choose the events you wish to wager on and your odds. Your selections will be put to your betting slip automatically.
  • Fill in the Amount field, click Wager, and then OK to complete your bet.


Is Bet9ja business profitable?

📌Simply said, your Bet Naija shop profit revenue is significant as a result of the overall revenue created by your bets. As a result, depending on the athletic event, you are entitled to a portion of the stake for each option.

How to own a Bet9ja shop?

📌 Submit the form on

  • Purchase a business location/center (office space or hall)
  • Submit all essential documentation (as needed) to the Bet 9ja staff member in your region.
  • Your document and location will be evaluated after submission.

How to open a Bet9ja shop in Nigeria?

📌 To open a BetNaija shop in Nigeria:

  • Documentation is being sent to Bet9ja.
  • Examine the paperwork and the location.
  • In-person introductory chat with our field personnel.
  • Premises verification.
  • The agent contract is signed.
  • With the assistance of our experienced support, you can have your business ready to go.

How much does it cost to set up a Bet9ja shop?

📌 N50,000-80,000 is the charge. The cost of establishing a full-fledged business with Bet9ja is from N400,000 to N700,000. It is feasible to establish an outlet with less money; but, to ensure a solid and profitable start, at least N500,000 is recommended.

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