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publication date: 25.01.2023

Fantasy Mix bonus Bet King 2023

A bonus for existing customers of Bet King, which involves betting on real events with virtual pairs. The winnings are also real, so nothing prevents users of the bookmaker’s website from trying this option.

How does it work? It’s quite simple: if we have two real matches on the same day, in which the pairs Barcelona – Girona and Liverpool – Wolverhampton meet, you can also place a bet on the game of Liverpool vs. Barcelona as part of the Fantasy Mix bonus. The odds will be generated automatically, and the restrictions on the amount of bets are the same as for the real game account of the client participating in the bonus offer.

After the bet is settled according to the Fantasy Mix terms, all winnings will be credited in 100% to the balance of the customer’s Bet King account. This means that the funds are both available for playing and can be ordered for payment.

This offer allows you not only to study the current offers in the bookmaker’s line, but also to generate your own matches and custom quotes. In fact, it is a betting constructor with advanced functionality!

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