Free Bets

Without a bonus policy, it is impossible for a bookmaker to operate in Nigeria. One important part of this process is the free bet, which serves as a metronome for the public. But whether it is a prospect of real profit or just a method of luring in the gambling environment is something that needs to be analysed in detail. Let’s start by simply figuring out what it is we’re dealing with.

Free Bets at Bookmakers

Representatives off the Nigerian betting market often use freebets as a way of reaching new audiences. Big numbers do not mean a guarantee of getting equivalent amounts. 

Like in Europe, Nigerian bookmakers force their customers to scroll through the free bet amount several times before allowing them to order a payout. The only difference is that in this market you can’t even make a deposit without first verifying your account.

How to get Free Bets

Freebets (free bets) in excess of 100% are not uncommon. While world famous companies like William Hill, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power simply don’t need to overpay. In Nigeria many start-up bookmakers are willing to promise their customers more for their registration and continued loyalty. For example, an amount of 110% of your first deposit of over 50,000 naira that are offer by some bookies in Nigeria.

Some companies are even willing to double it, as long as the influx of new users is consistently high. However, getting a free bet does not actually mean withdrawing it from the account using external details. It is often the case that the higher the size of the freebet, the more difficult it is to wager.

Freebet Types in Nigeria

For Nigerian betting enthusiasts, local bookies prefer to prepare three types of free bets:

  • Deposit;
  • Without prerequisits;
  • Reward.

From the names themselves, one can infer in terms of their specifics. With the deposit freebet everything is simple – a client in Nigeria deposits his account for the first time, for this he receives a reward from the bookie. Sometimes it exceeds the amount deposited. All the same, you should strictly adhere to all the conditions to end up with a payout to your bank account.

Free bets on registration have no additional conditions, the Nigerian gambling company just financially stimulates new players by giving them small amounts at first, to untwist the account. Another thing is that this “help” is often minimal, amounting to no more than 500 naira. Even by Nigerian standards this is below average and not much of a success in betting.

Well, the third type of freebet in Nigeria’s bookmakers concerns rewards for fulfilling certain conditions. For example, if a customer has been betting regularly for a week, at the end of the period a percentage of the amount lost is returned to his account in the form of a free bet. Others simply make up for some of their clients’ losses on accas. There are, of course, maximum limits on how much you can spend.

Why do bookmakers offer free bets?

Actually, the freebet is one of the most popular bonuses offered by bookies in Nigeria. And both new punters and existing customers alike. Its advantage is that it is not guaranteed money, which the bookmaker part with, but more often conditional, requiring wagering. That is, in the long run you can offer even ten times the amount of the deposit, but you can prescribe such complicated wagering conditions that their reality will be close to zero.

Nigerian betting shops quite often prepare freebets for existing clients. They can also personalise them if the site organiser sees that no bets have been made from the account for a long time. Much also depends on the integrity of the bookie himself in Nigeria, who works not only for his immediate financial bottom line, but also for the renown of the brand in the long run.