Sportybet Bonuses


The competition among bookmakers is constantly on the rise, and these online betting sites are looking for all the necessary means to drive traffic to their platform. One of the main ways they do this is by enticing players with all types of bonuses. SportyBet is one of the dominant bookmakers in Nigeria, so let us check out the types of bonuses it offers to the customers.

Sportybet Welcome Bonus

sportybet welcome bonus

Sportybet welcomes all new players generously. Once the new user opens an account, they receive a 100% SportyBet Welcome Bonus Up to ₦10.000 on the first deposit. This helps to give some players confidence when placing a bet, and they can go for higher odds.

Sportybet Bonus terms and conditions

  • Each player can get the first deposit gifts just once.
  • Players should make a first deposit of NGN 100/300/500/1,000/5,000/10,000 to obtain 100% of their first deposit value back in discount gifts.
  • Players will receive all the gifts when they make their first deposit. The gifts are valid in sequence, in a period as described above. For example, if you choose to deposit NGN 500, gifts will be made available during the following days. Not all gifts are available to use right away on the first deposit.
  • It is possible to check the Period and Validity Status of your gifts anytime by navigating to “Gifts” under “My Account”.
  • Gifts can be used in “Sports” in markets.
  • The placed bets must have selections with odds greater than 3.15.
  • Customers who create an account at SportyBet Nigeria using other marketing promotions will not have access to the “First Deposit” promotion.

In this promotion, SportyBet only provides one chance to award gifts per person/email address/mobile number/household address/debit/credit card number/device number/IP address/. Duplicate accounts will be shut down and do not qualify for this offer. All the winnings gotten unlawfully from this SportyBet bonus will be removed. Promotions and gifts are created to reward their most valued customers. If a user is suspected of fraud or found guilty of abusing this promotion, Sportybet reserves the right to confiscate the gifts and winnings from the account. SportyBet has the rights to cancel, amend, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its own discretion.

Refer a Friend Bonus

friend bonus sportybet

SportyBet also offers valued members the Refer a Friend Bonus when they refer other people to their platform. This is one of the ways in which the promote their platform.

Sportybet Match of the Day

Sportybet Match of the Day together with Live Odds and Best Odds boost!

Terms and conditions

  • Live Odds Boost. For all the matches selected as Sportybet’s Match of the Day, including a selection from either the O/U, 1X2, or “Next goal” markets to your betting slip.
  • Best Odds. For all the SportyBet’s Match of the Day, including one selection from any pre-match market to your betting slip.

Click the “Live Odds Boost” button from the qualifying selection on your betting slip to boost your odds.

SportyBet Super Bonus

135 bonus sporty

The SportyBet Super Bonus offers a great opportunity to earn a bonus of up to 135% on multiple bets.

Important conditions:

  • This SportyBet bonus applies to earnings on all events, all sports markets, and live betting with four or more selections and odds higher than 1.2.
  • The bonus rate is chosen based on the number of selections with odds of 1.2 or higher.
  • Bonus сalculation аormula: stake * total odds * bonus rate. Let’s say a user chooses 5-folds, with five odds such as 2.3, 1.54, 2.0, 12.0, 1.15, and the stake is 100. So, the bonus will be 100*(1.54*2.3*1.15*2*12)*5% (in this case, only four selections meet the odds requirement, then the bonus rate will be calculated based on 4-folds using the formula shown above).
  • The bonus does not apply if the stake has been fully cashed out. Also, if a stake is only partially cashed out, then the bonus will be calculated based on the active stake that is left.
  • The bonus part of the earnings will be added to the customer’s account after the customer’s orders are settled.
  • If a selection is postponed/void, the bonus will still apply. However, the odds will be calculated as 1.0. For example: If a player chooses 6-folds, with six odds such as 1.54, 2.3, 1.15, 2.0, 12.0, 2.12, and the stake is 100, then the bonus will be: 100*(1.54*2.3*1.15*2*12*2.12)*10%. When the last selection is void, the bonus will be 100*(1.54*2.3*1.15*2*12*1)*5%, the bonus rate also change from 10% to 5% because there are only four selections’ odds higher than 1.2 now.


To attract more players and increase their chances of winning, SportyBet provides frequent bonuses that helps to boost the moral of lots of people. All of these bonuses can add to your winnings and increase your chances of cashing out your next big check.