PSG vs Club Brugge prediction by Vladislav Radimov

07.12.2021 • 13:25

“Club Brugge is the ideal opponent for Messi since they don’t require a lot of running” – the ex-Russian national team player and BetON expert feels that Paris will easily defeat Brugge.

Vladislav Radimov’s prediction

PSG has been struggling recently, going 0: 0 with Nice and 1: 1 with Lens, but they were able to salvage a tie in the end.
Club Brugge, with little tournament desire and having conceded 5 goals to Borussia Dortmund at home, is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that the Parisians can achieve anything.

Even if Pochettino releases the reservists, they will give it their all like the stars. And the players must demonstrate that they have not forgotten how to score goals, especially since Messi has been heavily criticised after the Ballon d’Or.

PSG will strive to score as many goals as they can. Furthermore, the ideal football for Messi – you don’t have to run a lot.

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