FIFA World Cup 2022 Winner Prediction

08.12.2021 • 08:02
FIFA World Cup 2022 Winner Prediction

World Cup 2022: predict and bet on the tournament’s winner. The 2022 FIFA World Cup will begin on December 18, 2022, in Qatar. Team statistics, review of results, the candidates, and the bookies’ odds.


The Belgian national team, which includes masters such as de Bruyne, Hazard, Lukaku, Mertens, Courtois, and others, is at or near its pinnacle. All of the top leaders – all of them are between the ages of 25 and 30 – play at the highest level. And the national team is practically unrivalled on the continent. Belgium came close to winning the World Cup in 2014, but fell short in the semi-finals and finished third. 1xBet betting odds are 12.0 for this national team to win the 2022 World Cup.


The Brazilian national team is always one of the world championship favourites. However, in its current state, the squad is no longer as formidable as it once was. There are a few top-tier talents in the mix. Neymar, Allison, Gabriel Jesus, and Coutinho are all standouts. Brazil’s previous global championship ended in the quarter-finals, where it was defeated by Belgium 1: 2. The Pentacampeons won the America’s Cup in 2019. Brazil’s triumph in the 2022 World Cup is available at 1xBet for 6.5.


The British currently have a youthful, but highly competent, squad. The squad has been extremely strong in qualifying for UEFA EURO 2021 and has been playing excellent football for the past five years. The squad was one step away from reaching the final of the 2020 World Cup, but ended fourth. Nonetheless, England has its best top-tier record in 24 years. The 1xBet bookmaker predicts a British triumph at the upcoming World Cup with a coefficient of 10.


The French are the incumbent world champions, but on the Russian grounds, the “tricolours” created a splash and won the championship, defeating Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium, and Croatia in the playoff final. The team also performed admirably in the UEFA EURO 2021 qualifications, despite a few hiccups. The French national squad appears to be highly formidable, with both exceptional youngsters (Kante, Umtiti, Mbappe) and experienced veterans (Giroud, Griezmann , Lloris). France is the bookmakers’ favourite to win the event, with odds of 6.5.


After a succession of humiliating campaigns, the Bundesmannschaft appears to be reviving. So, the most recent or less successful event in Germany occurred in 2016, when the squad advanced to the EURO semifinals. The Germans did not even make it out of the group stage at the next World Championship. The squad fared significantly better in qualifying for UEFA EURO 2021, taking first place in their group.
Werner, Goretska, Havertz, and Gnabry are among the many promising young players in the squad who are already playing important roles in their clubs and the national team: Werner, Goretska, Havertz, and Gnabry. The bookmaker 1xBet assigns a coefficient of 7.4 to the Germans’ chances of winning the next World Championship.


The Spanish national team is another favourite to win the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. From 2008 through 2012, “Red Fury” ruled the globe, winning two European Championships in a row as well as the World Championship. Following that, there was a slump, with the squad primarily confined to reaching the 1/8 finals of the biggest national team championships. There are few superstars of the magnitude of Xavi, Iniesta, and Raul on the current Spanish national team group. Spain’s victory in the Qatar Mundial is priced at 7.5 by 1xBet.


In comparison to previous years, the Italian squad has made significant improvements. The squad did not even qualify for the global tournament after failing the last selection. The squad was eliminated in the quarterfinals of UEFA EURO 2016. Italy made a significant impact in the UEFA EURO 2021 qualifier, winning 10 of 10 games with a goal difference of 37-4. The team has undergone significant changes from the past major tournaments, and the kids are looking bright so far. The 1xBet bookmaker estimates the Squadra Azzurra’s chances of winning the 2022 World Cup at 15.0.


The Latin American squad has typically had a very good lineup and is considered one of the favourites to win the World Championship, however, their last victory in this competition was in 2014. (silver). After that, Messi and co. are unable to compete for medals and are not very successful on their continent. A country with players like Messi, Dibila, and Aguero, on the other hand, is automatically one of the favourites in every tournament in which it participates. The 2022 World Cup is no exception: 1xBet’s odds for “albiseleste” are 12.0.

Numbers and series that are interesting

  • The Brazilian national team has won the most World Championships, with five victories.
  • The French national team is the current champion.
  • Never previously has a single team won two World Cups in a succession.
  • Only eight teams were crowned world champions.

Prediction for the World Cup 2022 from BetOn

The World Cup had four obvious favourites (France, Brazil, Germany, and Spain), as well as ten strong competitors for victory, according to bookmakers. Belgium, France, England, Brazil, Germany, and Italy should be included in terms of the game demonstrated in recent years at the world’s major begins. France won the previous World Cup, and no one has ever won it twice in a row. England, on the other hand, is mentally incapable of overcoming itself, and something always stands in the way of its ascension to the top.
Belgium, in our opinion, has the best chance of winning out of all the contenders: the squad plays the most powerful, productive football in the world, there are top-class players in all lines, and there are virtually no vulnerabilities. We are betting for Belgium to win the World Cup in 2022.


Belgium win

odds 12.0

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