Dutch hockey player Ellen Hoog (photo)

26.11.2020 • 09:05
Dutch hockey player Ellen Hoog (photo)

Looking at the 30-year-old Dutch woman Ellen Hoog, it is difficult to imagine that she is a professional hockey player. But nevertheless, this fragile beauty became the world champion, twice became the winner of the Champions Trophy, and also won two Olympic Games ( in 2008 and 2012).

Эллен Хоог фото

Ellen has been playing for the national team since 2004. During this time, she played more than a hundred matches and scored 32 goals.

фото хоккеистки Эллен Хоог

In addition to regular training, the girl has many Hobbies. The beauty is invited to a photo shoot where she advertises underwear. In addition, she is an author of articles in various fashion magazines.

бикини фото хоккеистки Эллен Хоог

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