Mobile Betting in Nigeria

21.04.2021 • AUTHOR: Evgeniy Deghtyarov
Mobile Betting in Nigeria

Mobile betting has grown in popularity in Nigeria, and with so many sports fans in the region, it’s easy to see why this form of wagering is so common.

With Nigeria being Africa’s largest smartphone market, with over 125 million users and numbers expanding by the day, the appetite for mobile-optimized sports betting sites is enormous. Nigeria is seeing exponential growth, and the smartphone industry is only one place where this emerging economy is excelling. With mobile betting now open, you can wager on sportsmen from your own country, as well as on international events. Increased disposable income has also inspired Nigerians to gamble on their favourite games, and with the mobile betting opportunities we present, you can experience world-class wagering at your fingertips.

Why is mobile betting so popular?

It can be very handy to be able to gamble on your phone. You no longer have to go to your nearest sportsbook to put your bets. And, since there are so many bookies online, you can invest in several ones without ever leaving your house. You will browse any of the best betting sites right from your cell phone.

Online betting platforms are becoming more mobile-friendly. Many of their websites are cell phone friendly, and some of them also have a phone app. The best thing is that you can bet wherever and wherever you choose. You just need an internet connection to get started.

Don’t be concerned if you have an old mobile phone. Since they have a lightweight version for older tablets, many betting sites will load a website with their critical features. You can still put bets even though you don’t have an internet connection. If you have a GTBank account, simply use the *737* USSD code to finance it. You may also use the Mobile Cash USSD and deposit money with a single mobile text.

What makes a good betting app?

betting apps nigeria

This could be a tricky matter to answer. However, we’ve compiled a concise guide to what constitutes a safe bet. It just ensures that the best betting applications on the market can have a complete package with a positive user experience.

That is, whatever features punters find on the PC or laptop edition are supposed to be present while using the Nigerian bookie betting app. At the same time, some of the characteristics that distinguish a betting app include appealing to the eyes, light on the paws, simple navigation, intuitive devoid of features, among others.

Indeed, others went a step further in that respect and deserved kudos for the extra work placed into developing an outstanding betting app while keeping consumer loyalty as a top priority. The following are just a few of the factors that distinguish one app from another.

Great website design

There are two important aspects of design; some apps should stand out for one but not the other, so it’s best to separate them here. The first is, of course, the appearance of the site: its general tone and architectural aspects. However, due to the sheer number of betting apps in Nigeria available, life is as imaginative as it has ever been. Finding a design app is simple; finding a truly outstanding design app is a little more difficult. But, when it comes to betting app creation, how do you know winners from losers? We’ve done the legwork for you, so in our selection, we went for the ones that are visually appealing and worth checking out; nevertheless, every look that you choose is the right one for you.

Quality promotion and bonus offer

A successful betting app will undoubtedly have the same promotion deal as the desktop edition, among other items, and it has access to the bookmaker’s entire promotion offer, from their welcome incentive to continuing promotions. We do, however, award bonus points to bookmakers who have mobile-only promotions. Though the overall consistency of all deals is the most important factor to remember here, not just the range, but also the incentive deals offered by the bookie in terms of real-world value for consumers.

Large variety of betting markets

If you choose to gamble on mainstream sports such as football, basketball, or tennis, a wide range of betting markets is also something punters can look for or suggest. Since a wide betting market allows you to choose more betting choices for each sport, even while punters should keep in mind that betting markets do not explicitly refer to the amount of sports available on bookmaker platforms.

However, it also means the same thing as mentioned above, which is that a wide range of betting markets are used to categorize both the amount of sports and betting opportunities available on bookmaker platforms.

Live betting

One of the best features of a betting app is the ability to stake bets in real-time, no matter where you are. However, unlike in previous years, online gaming is not a top priority for Nigerian punters. Even, in today’s world, it is critical to have a better experience with a large-excellent live betting center that has the technological prowess to make this experience seamless and easy to access, and that consumes less data for customer loyalty.

Customer support

We’ve shown how fantastic it is to be able to place bets from everywhere, at any moment, now that we’re in the digital transformation age. Unlike in the past, network service is no longer a challenge, since there are many options to connect to the global network. You should be able to contact customer support as long as your mobile device receives a signal from your network provider.

However, offering a premium user experience without a quality customer support, as the same as the laptop edition. If this is the case, a betting app is incomplete. Such bookmakers must have a proper contact channel, which can take the form of phone numbers, e-mail addresses or live chat features. Customer care is equally important since citizens may need assistance from time to time. Here are several platforms that we believe are excellent for assisting you anytime you need it.

Benefits of mobile apps & mobile website

mobile sports nigeria

There are some advantages of using smartphone betting applications and websites. The biggest benefit, though, is the likelihood of ease of use and versatility when working across the networks. Previously, punters who were away from their computer could not place bets, which meant they could have missed out on any potentially lucrative earnings. However, due to bookmakers developing smartphone betting platforms, punters can now place bets at their leisure, whether they are at work or at a football stadium. So, let us take you on a ride through the more thorough advantages of making bets using your mobile devices.


There is one thing that everyone desires in their personal experiences and also at work, and that is to be treated with a relaxed mood. Although it is best to understand that smartphone betting has added a different level of ease to the service, you can use a betting app to make bets on all of your favorite sports.

Ability to make quick bets

Given that we live in a fast-paced world, some of the benefits provided by mobile betting apps are not marginal, implying that just because you like betting doesn’t mean you like wasting time making your choices. Staking a few short fast bets can be almost as exciting, and this is exactly what mobile betting apps can do or enable you to do.

Exclusive mobile bonuses and promotion

We’d like to provide credit to certain bookmakers who only sell marketing opportunities to bettors who use smartphone betting apps. Simultaneously, the reasoning behind this is to encourage the use of smartphone betting, which is one of the reasons for exclusive deals for Android devices.

An easy way to keep eye on betting markets

Even if you do not place bets, you can use your smartphone to browse a range of betting choices and keep an eye on the odds, tracking movement, and enticing deals for upcoming matches. Opening the app brings up the bookmaker’s entire betting history in a matter of seconds.

Free download

Generally, the majority of the bookmaker’s app is free to download apps for both Android, and iOS version punters can take advantage of this offer with a click on their mobile browser.

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