NCAA official warns against allowing bets on individual player’s results

01.12.2020 • 15:14
NCAA official warns against allowing bets on individual player's results

Speaking at the Sports Betting USA 2020 online seminar, Naima Stevenson-Starks, the NCAA’s vice president for law, policy and governance, expressed concern about prop bets involving college athletes. This type of bet concerns whether a player will or won’t surpass a certain threshold during a game, like whether a quarterback will throw three touchdowns or whether a running back will rush for 100 yards.

“Unlike the professional leagues, we are now talking about student-athletes attending class with people who may be betting on their efforts on the field or the court,” Stevenson-Starks said. “That’s a concern. If you can think about missing a field goal or a free throw that might make the difference in a result, that’s not the most settling thought.”

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