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publication date: 13.01.2023

Fantasy Football OgaBet bonus 2023

Thanks to the bonus from OgaBet, the company’s customers can get additional benefits from virtual football. The principle of the game is that the events are fictional, but their outcome is determined by real goals scored in football.

To participate in the bonus offer from the bookmaker OgaBet, you need to place a bet on virtual football, and then wait for its outcome, according to the results of the real match. For example, it looks like this: next weekend in France will play “Monaco” against Racing club de “Lens”, but in the German Bundesliga will meet “Bayern” – “Bayer”. In the fantasy league you are offered the match Monaco – Bayern, respectively, the bet on it will take into account the real meetings and their outcome. So the result of the fantasy football match will be formed based on the performance of the respective teams in reality.

The advantage of fantasy football, as well as this bonus offer, is that OgaBet customers can get financial benefits even if their team loses a real match. Relatively speaking, “Paris Saint-Germain” lost to “Lens” with a score of 2-3, but “Bayern” beat “Bayer” Levercusen minimally, with a score of 1-0. In the fantasy league, the French club will still win the match with a score of 2:1.

The bet amount and its calculation are not additionally stipulated by the betting company. That is, participation in the Fantasy Football bonus is nothing more than a regular bet, only on a virtual match. Accordingly, all winnings are immediately credited to the gaming account of the OgaBet client and are available both for making payments to external details and for further betting on sports – virtual or real.

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