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Two prediction quizzes with an impressive prize pool!
publication date: 12.01.2023

Premier Bet OgaBet 2023

As part of the weekly quizzes from the bookmaker OgaBet, Nigerian customers are invited to guess 15 and 13 results of football matches, respectively. You need to predict only the results of the matches, not the exact scores, which is much easier than in the Play For Free bonus, for example.

There is no need to lose heart if one or two bets do not come true in the prediction. Cash prizes are provided for 11 correct outcomes in the first quiz and for 9 in the second! In the first case, for only 350₦ as an entry fee, the OgaBet client gets the opportunity to win a jackpot of 175 million, or its division by the number of winners. For 14 correct outcomes of 15 matches, a cash prize of 1000 times the bet amount is provided. For 13 correct matches, the bookmaker’s client receives 175 thousand naira, for 12 matches the prize will be 17.5 thousand and, finally, for 11 matches you can count on a consolation prize of 1750 ₦, which will return the amount of the bet with a significant margin.

The prize pool of the quiz, in which client need to guess 13 live matches, is somewhat smaller. The top prize here will be 35,000,000 ₦, and in the case of 12 out of 13 guessed outcomes 175,000, for 11 there is 17,500 ₦, for ten games 1750 ₦ and finally, with nine guessed outcomes out of 13 matches, the OgaBet client can get back the cost of the entry fee of 350 nairas.

Participation in the drawing of one of the weekly jackpots from OgaBet automatically blocks other current promotions and bonuses for the bookmaker’s client.

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