Russian curler Alexandra Saitova (photo)

26.11.2020 • 09:05
Russian curler Alexandra Saitova (photo)

Curler Alexandra Saitova in 2012 as part of the Russian youth team took 3rd place at the world Championships. 2 years later, she won a gold medal at the world championship.

Фото Александра Саитова

In 2013, her team won the world winter Universiade. In the same year, the girl was included in the adult team, with which she took 5th place at the European championship.

фото керлингистки Александры Саитовой

Alexandra also participated in the 2014 Sochi Olympics and the world championship. In both cases, the Russian team took third place. In addition to her sporting achievements, Saitova is a real beauty and often appears on the covers of glossy publications.

Александра Саитова фото в купальнике

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