Tatiana Borodulina (short track). Photo

26.11.2020 • 09:06
Tatiana Borodulina (short track). Photo

Tatyana Borodulina has been doing short track since 1997. She became a European champion four times, as well as an Olympic and World Cup medalist.

фото Татьяна Бородулина

In 2006, he participated as part of the Russian team at the Olympic games in Turin in the 1000 and 1500 meters, where he made it to the quarterfinals and final, respectively.

откровенные фото Татьяна Бородулина

In 2006, she moved to Australia and began performing under the flag of this country.

Бородулина откровенные фото

In 2011, she again joined the Russian national team. Unfortunately, she performed poorly at the Sochi Olympics, failing to qualify.

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