Tips180 Prediction Site Review

05.02.2021 • AUTHOR: Evgeniy Deghtyarov
Tips180 Prediction Site Review

Sports betting has risen in popularity in recent years. Despite the risky nature of this activity millions and millions of people are joining in on the fun yearly. With millions of punters flocking to various betting sites their favourite team or a sure pick.

The industry is set to grow even bigger this year. However, not all punters are equal, there are your fan punters who just bet on sports. Then there’s your professional punter who watches every game and has all the stats. The professional gambler is in it to make money and nothing else.

Many punters have been thinking of ways to close the gap between those who have all the stats and bet for a living and those who don’t have the time to do it. Well here is where prediction sites like Tips180 come in.

Prediction sites have become the new cool thing giving players mostly free but sometimes paid tips. One of such sites is the aforementioned 180 Tips who claim they have proven strategies to make sure that you always win with their tips. Tips 180 has slowly become one of the best prediction sites on the internet.

180 tips site

Before we forget we must disclose to our readers that Tips180 com is a subscription-based prediction site. However, registration on their website is free.  Sit back and relax as we walk you through all there is to know about the website www tips 180 com.

How does Tips180 work?

Tips180 prediction site offers some of the best betting tips to help punters make money on football. The site says it has a perfect understanding of the factors. Some of the factors include past matchups, injuries, weather, suspension, current form, and more!

tips180 predicts

Tip180 has a team of unbiased experts who deal with all of these secondary factors that could end up swinging a game in another direction. Now to get to the bread and butter of 180 Tips com, they use a completely automated system.

In other words, this means they run some very complicated mathematical algorithm that is free from human error or interaction. Tips180’s mathematical algorithm is based on the complex methodological models the likes of Coles and Dixon models.

Tips180 seems to have put a lot of thought into their process of predicting their games.

Tips180’s Betting Market

Tips180 is a soccer-centric prediction site. They make predictions for some of the world’s best football leagues. These leagues include Series A, English Premier League, Champions League, and more! Tips 180 has an abundance of leagues and cups that it provides tips for. We are talking about leagues in the Americas, Asia, Africa.

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t have any Nigerian local leagues that are a shame, and we hope they’ll do something about it. However, even with this little annoyance, the platform still provides much of the league enjoyed around the country.

tips 180 store

What does Tips180 offer?

After registration, you can see all of the different offers Tips 180 has prepared for punters. As we stated earlier, predictions on the site are on a paid subscription basis. Here are some of the benefits of a paid subscription:

  • Access to more than 45 League Tips predicted by renowned experts.
  • Access to more than 20 Winning Stores (Single Bet, Sure 2 ODDS, Sure 3 ODDS..)
  • Access to expert predictive models of jackpot tips.
  • Over 92% Accuracy Rate
  • Access to the Risk Management Theory Punters Guide.

You might be wondering what plans they offer and how much they cost. Let’s take a look together below:

DurationKey Plan MembershipPremium Plan Membership
1 week₦ 500₦ 1200
1 month₦ 1000₦ 2000
3 months₦ 2500₦ 5000
6 months₦ 5500₦ 10,000
1 year₦ 10,500₦ 20,000

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